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Picasa User Guide
« on: May 27, 2010, 05:58:30 PM »

Picasa User Guide


Step 1 – Install Picasa

Go to: (It should detect if you’re running Windows or Mac)

Download & Install Picasa on your computer. 

(If you’re a Mac user, and want to continue to use iPhoto, there is an iPhoto Picasa plug-in & instructional video available here:  )

Step 2 – Sign Up for a Google Account
If you already have a Google Account, Sign In.  If not, ‘Create an Account’.  You can use your existing e-mail address when you signup if you’d like.

(You will use this ID & Pwd to login during Step 5.)

Step 3 – Add Photos to Picasa

Launch Picasa from the Start menu, and choose:

‘File ->Add Folder to Picasa…’

When you choose a folder, Picasa will montior that folder for new photos.  As photos are added, Picasa will add them to appropriate Album in Picasa.

(Depending on your level of organization, I suggest creating specific folders for the photos you want Picasa to manage.  You can see that I have mine organized under ‘My Pictures’ by subject area, ie.  CVZ-18, CVZ-19, CV21, Family Photos, etc, etc.)

Step 4 - Sign In to Picasa Web Albums

In the upper right corner, you can link your Picasa Albums on your computer to your Picasa Album on the Web.  Click ‘Sign In to Web Albums’, and proceed to Step 5.

Using the ID (Email address) & Password from Step 2, sign in to your new google account, which will link your Picasa software on your PC to your Picasa Web Album.  Doing so, will make uploading & posting photos to the forums extremely quick & easy.

Step 5 – Uploading Photos

Now that you’re signed in, you can easily upload pictures using the ‘Upload’ icon at the bottom of the screen.  (The little Green Up arrows on each picture means that the picture has been uploaded.)

Choose the photo (or photos) you wish to upload to your album, and click the ‘Upload’ icon at the bottow of the window.  Doing so presents you with the following screen. 

(For the forums, I find that ‘Medium’ is a very good size.  If you want to use Picasa to print photos to your local Walgreens, or any of the other online photos places, than stick with either the ‘Recommended, or Original’ size.)

Step 6 – Posting Photo Links in the Forums

Now that we have the photos on our Picasa Web Album, we’ll need to post the photo link in our forum post.  This is really quite easy once you get the hang of it.

Click on ‘Web Albums’ in the upper right hand corner of the Picasa window, which will launch your web browser and open up your web albums.

Step 7

Open up the web album you wish to post photos of and select your picture.  On the right, ½ way down on the window is ‘Link to this Photo’, click on it.

Clicking on the it presents you with a number of posting options.

Click on ‘Image only (no link)’, and select size.  In my example, I’ve chosen ‘Large 800px’.  The sizes available will vary depending on what size you chose to upload.  (Follow 1, 2, 3 order.)

(I find that anything over 800 pixels (px) generally makes the pictures too large for the forums, and results in the pictures having scroll bars, which is really painful to view.)

"Once you’ve selected your options, select the entire string under ‘Embed Image’, and ‘Copy’ (Cntl+C) it.  (You can also use your mouse, Edit -> Copy.  Make sure you have the entire link copied as its longer than fits the window! It should look like this: 


Now…the Fun Stuff!!!

Go to the post you want to add a picture to in the forum, and click on the Insert Image icon in the posting tools.  That adds two ‘html tag’s’  [img ]http://[/img ] to your post.

Simply paste in your image link BETWEEN the [img ]http://<paste link here>[/img ] so it looks like so:

Click ‘Post’…and you’re done!!!

There are a number of advanced features that make this easier, but this is a good start.  You can also link entire albums, and also set Albums to ‘Auto Sync’…which is a really nice feature.  Picasa can directly upload videos to Youtube if you want an easy way to post video as well.
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Re: Picasa User Guide
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Re: Picasa User Guide
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There you go Terry!

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Re: Picasa User Guide
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Re: Picasa User Guide
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I wasn't aware anyone was watching....... :-/