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Punch Line
« on: November 26, 2014, 11:37:33 AM »
Stole this from another site thought it was pretty good

So this guy is getting ready for prom and is trying to get up the nerve to ask the cutest girl in school to the dance. After a day or so he finally musters up the courage and asks her and she says yes! He’s bouncing with excitement and starts planning to get ready for prom in a few weeks.
Later that week he goes by the local florist to get a boutonniere for himself and some flowers for her. He gets to the shop and there’s a line out the door of guys all getting flowers as well. After waiting in line for a few hours, he gets the order placed and goes home.
The next day he goes out to rent a tuxedo. Driving up to the shop, he sees another line out the door, all guys getting ready for prom as well. He patiently waits his turn and after a few hours gets fitted for a tux and goes on his way home.
Lastly, he realizes he needs to rent a limousine to take his date to prom in style. But of course, when he gets to the rental company, there’s another line of men trying to rent cars for prom night. The guy waits in line and gets one of the last limos.
So prom night comes, he picks up his date in the limo he rented, gives her the flowers he bought, and they take pictures. They go to prom and have a great time. Halfway through the night, his date tells him that she’s thirsty and would like something to drink. So the guy walks over to the refreshments table and there’s no punch line.
I think this has become an addiction.

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Re: Punch Line
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