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Hull identification number
« on: June 08, 2015, 07:43:34 AM »
Dane ...

The HIN (Hull identification number) was a federal requirement beginning in Nov 1972, for 1973 model boats. It starts with a 3 letter Manufacturer identification code, followed by a 5 digit serial number and ending with the date of manufacture. The reason for this requirement was for safety and defect recalls. The law allowed for two methods of display. The one Glastron chose was to list the model year M and then a letter for the month of manufacture. August was the traditional first month of building new model year boats so A= August, B=Sept, etc.

So the HIN for your '78 CVX-18 is serial number 10480, Model year 78, built in the 8th month, March 1978.

The standard changed again in Aug 1984. 3 letter MIC, 5 digit S/N, single letter for maunufacture month where A=Jan, single number for manufacture year, two number model year.

Under the 1984 HIN rule your 1978 CVX would have read GCV 10480 C8 78

The "M" means that Glastron was using the optional display of model year instead of certificate date. "M" stands for model year.
When this law went into effect manufacturers didn't like that they would have to stamp 72 into a 1973 model hull so the law allowed the optional method that Glastron used of stamping the model year and then a month code.

Jason ...

After 1984 Glastron HIN codes:

(see attached image below)

Found these numbers on the Glastron History page. Guess they made a lot more boats than I thought!

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