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Classified / Wanted to Buy / Re: GCOTD
« Last post by thedeuceman on Today at 04:39:09 PM »

this auction has 2 GM 4cyl boat motors, 1 omc and the other mercruiser
On cooler days or to get out of sun or rain it is nice to be able to sit up in the cuddy. With the center cushion out adults can sit up in there comfortably. I did not make the center cushions for mine but others have the 2 cushions to make it into the bed. Also when on a beach it is a lot easier to get in and out of the front hatch then over the side for many people. If you fill in the floor people will have to crawl up to the hatch. Just a thought.
Members Profiles / Introductions / Re: Hello from North Florida
« Last post by wpstarling on Today at 02:38:32 PM »
Yea I've got it on CL and had my brother post on Facebook.  Thanks for the welcome and if I get in touch with the owner I'll update this. 

And I am pretty handy, I actually had to fix the transom on my Proline because it originally had a SeaDrive on it that was in terrible condition, so I removed it, sold it, patched the wholes, painted the repair section and installed a new bracket and outboard.  Runs like a champ and doesn't leak :)
Yes I am changing things around slightly for the cuddy, instead of having two levels of floor in the cuddy I am just making one, which is about 5" lower than the main floor. I am planning on having the cushions all on the same level to form a bed, instead of having it like a wrap around bench. The extra area in the center below the bed I will use as storage.
I have seen cracks in the hulls where the cuddy floor meets the main floor near the outside of the boat, I have been contemplating adding a center stringer or not.

This picture may show better:
The floor up in the cuddy is lower then the rest of the floor. I can't tell from your pics but did you account for that or are u cutting it lower in the boat. I also added a center stringer to mine under the cuddy floor. A lot of these boats crack where the cuddy floor meets the main floor.
Classified / Wanted to Buy / WTB: Misc parts for 1979 CVX-16
« Last post by demian5 on Today at 12:45:03 PM »
Hi all -

Im looking for the following or ideas on what to get:

A good voltage gauge. Mine reads 16v key on, and pegged when charging. I kn ow its putting out the right voltage as I have measured it with my DVOM, would like a gauge that is within range.

New vents grills for the side, also is there supposed to be some kind of assembly or air box that routes the bilge vent hoses op to the vents themselves?

Good used gimble ring for MC1. I hear the pin rarely wears and its usually the gimble ring, if not, i need a good PIN too.

Trim limit switch. Ill have the gimble out so this would be the time to replace it. Might as well put a trim gauge in too, so if someone has a good used set...

Hoses for the trim between the pump and the bottom of the transom, can I get new ones?

Members Profiles / Introductions / Re: NEW Member from So Cal
« Last post by thedeuceman on Today at 12:30:05 PM »
First off disregard my ramblings, I should’ve looked back to see that your boat is a 79. I think that affair with the pinch bolts came later in the 80s, could you post a picture of the one you have. The newer style will fit right in, that would probably be the way to go.

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Members Profiles / Introductions / Re: NEW Member from So Cal
« Last post by demian5 on Today at 11:28:48 AM »
Shouldn't I have an Allen bolt that I can see from the rear of the boat, in the gimble ring? I don't have one and I don't have the two pinch bolts either...
General Discussion / Re: MC1 Steering Play
« Last post by demian5 on Today at 11:25:07 AM »
I dont think there is a nut on top of the pin in the gimble housing...
Few more pictures for an update:

Got the inner and outer strakes glued down. The outer strakes are new as Glastron didn't have them there before. I have seen this is a weak spot in the design
Also added a piece of hardwood up where the trailer cleat is

Slowly but surly it's coming along!
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