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CVX Barrel Back Seats

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CVX Barrel back seats ...
Thanks Shawn !

#1 - You will need to cut out 4 of these.

#2 - Take 2 of the cut out and then cut them like shown.

#3 & #4  - After cutting out the center (this will make the pad for you to sit on) you will need to trim back the edges so there is a gap between the horse shoe piece and the seat pad. There has to be enough room for the vinyl on the seat back and the vinyl on the seat pad.

Seat Backs ...

#1 - You will need to cut 2 of these. It is made from Bendy Plywood. I used 3/8. I bought it from a local cabinet shop. They had it in stock. You will need a half sheet 4'x4' to make 2 seats.

#2 - You can see it bends pretty easy.

#3 - I put a layer of glass in-between the seat Bottom and the horseshoe reinforcement. The reinforcement is for extra support for the seat back when it is installed. I had extra resin so I put a coat on the hole piece. Before I add the seat back I will sand down all the edges so there is no sharp edges and make sure they are all rounded so the vinyl won't wear threw as fast.

#1 & #2 - The front edges are ground down so they are not sharp. I also smoothed the whole outside edge of the boards so they are flush. I then put a layer of glass and resin between the base and back before screwing the round back on to the base.

#3 & #4  - The back installed and screwed. It is best to have 2 people when screwing the back on. Find the center point on both pieces and mark it( you can see it in pic 3). Then start in the middle in the back and work toward the front on both sides. I used a lot of screws but started with a few with washers so they would pull threw when there was only a couple. Last I added a couple strips of glass for support and then thinned the leftover resin and brushed a coat on the entire seat to help protect it from water.  I will also drill a couple drain hole in the seat base and make sure to put resin over the wood after I drill the holes.

CVX barrel back seats ...

CVX barrel back seats ..
Thanks Randell N.

CVX barrel back seats ..

Thank you Mark C.

Glastron Carlson CVX20 New Interior Upholstery ..


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