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Seattle, WA

From Wexrocks ..

Ten years ago, I tracked down the company that has the original formulas from Glastron for metal flake mixes. I thought all along that I had found it here, but apparently I did not. Getting ready to do some projects with my Scimitar had me looking for that info, so I searched it here and on other groups, and quickly realized this must not be where/how I originally found it. So, I began digging for the samples and info they had sent me 10 years ago, and, I found it! Spoke to them today, and placed a large order of flake and accompanying products for my projects. They have formulas and flake for most colors from 72 to 82. If you call, ask to speak to Allan, he is the flake master, and he gave me his blessing to share this info with all of you. Admins please post this anywhere you feel it will be useful to users? enjoy! They do have a website, but very little info there regarding the metal flake.

Gel Coat Products
Seattle, WA

From Northstarab ..

I  was having one hell of a time finding the correct color metalflake for my '77 CVX-20. Someone on this site had purchased flake from Al @ Jeff Rockwell sent me the contact info. Al has the actual Glastron metaflake mixtures. I spoke to Al he gave me the mixture and even mixed up a small batch and sent me a picture. I had previously purchased 2 lbs of flake from to mix up my own color and I will say I have gotten very close. For anyone looking for the correct Metalflake for their restoration project give Al a call. He will set you up with the correct flake and/or give you the mixture and you will be good to go. UPDATE - gelcoatproducts uses octagon metalflake, the original flake is square. Most won't notice, but I would. '77 CVX-20 Silver metalflake mixture, Gunmetal & Silver at a 2:1 ratio 0.015" square flake. Happy hunting!


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