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         I know its snowy and cold where most of you are right now but the time has come to think about lake Rathbun 2017.   An annual meet up in South central Iowa on the second largest lake in the state.  We moved both the date and the venue last year with amazing success.   There is so much to offer and the State park we used to camp at is available for those who would choose to do so.   Its a quick run on the lake, but a rather tedious drive between the two places.   We moved to the Lake Rathbun Marina and obtained both a camping spot and a slip rental for the three days.    This years trip will be held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday July 6th, 7th, and 8th.  Campsites are $25.00 per night, and slips are $20.00 per day.   Campsites have 50amp service and water.  Tents are allowed, up to two, but not in combination with an RV.  We found having slips to be the ultimate convenience, come and go as ya please.  Even made a twilight run possible as the marina is lit well enough to get back home.   Between the Honey Creek Resort for Friday lunch, and Louie's, there is plenty of great food to be had.  Marina has fuel, and a convenience store.  Staff is friendly and helpful.  Our contact for this is Jannell Sowers, her office number is 641-724-3212, her cell is 641-436-6587.   The marina does not open until early April, so her email right now is the best way to contact her.   The website is, but I had some trouble getting to their site today, I wonder if it is down.   Maybe someone else will have better luck.

Having looked at some old posts here are some quick answers:
 Yes, they allow pets.   
2 tents maximum with no RV on each campsite.
 Water is a fair distance, bring a splitter and a hose(at least 50')
Jannell is rather difficult to get ahold of until she has regular hours at the marina sometime early-mid april.
Do not confuse Honey Creek State Park with Honey Creek Resort, they are separate and a fair distance apart.
If you stay at the Marina, there are no gravel roads involved.   You can get to the state park and resort without gravel as well, but we get lost easily in unfamiliar territory and there is plenty of gravel roads to be found. 
The ramp at the Marina does not have any dock next to it.  A courtesy dock is off to the side.  Best way is to have someone in the boat to drive it over to the slip, while the other parks the vehicle/trailer.
Fish were biting US last year, so its fair to say fishing is available for those interested.
An area is reserved to drop your trailers since they are not allowed in the campground.
Facilities are a small walk away but are very nice and keypad access only.  Never had to wait much, if at all to shower.  Probably because I avoid the peak times.
Fire pits are available as is firewood.  Firewood quarantine area, if you bring it from outside, you cant haul it back with you. Look up EAB(Emerald Ash Borer) for more info.
We had a "Live and let die" drive in movie experience last year with the projector, might very well have something similar this year.
This is a very informal get together, no shirts or trophies, but lots of fun to get together and boat.  We had a fantastic spot last year at the end of the no wake area to watch all the boats coming/going.   Some of the twin big-block craft going up on plane was absolute music to us gearheads.  Maybe if enough folks are going, then maybe a tee-shirt in the future.   I'm not an artist, so I'll need help in this department.
Occasionally there is some beach area by the old camping spot, but its usually muddy or filled with tree debris. One year it was quite nice and we found time to beach there.

Let me know if anyone has any questions, and as always, lets hope for great weather.

I would love nothing more than to come to the Iowa meet.  Seriously.

That weekend just won't ever work for me.  We're up in Northern MN boating the weekend before & after July 4th. 

Sorry to be a buzz kill on that weekend...but it won't ever work.

Sorry to hear that, last year it was a last minute change, now this year is a permanent out on those dates?  I will make note for next year.


--- Quote from: Plugcheck on March 14, 2017, 03:49:39 PM ---Sorry to hear that, last year it was a last minute change, now this year is a permanent out on those dates?  I will make note for next year.

--- End quote ---

Yes...last year we were 'giving up' our rental cabin up North, we're keeping it for the foreseeable future.  Just doesn't feel like the 4th if we're not up there. 

If there is a better weekend to have it the Rathbun meet then its up to folks who wish to attend to let me know.  I moved the date because early June the weather is unstable.  Now having endured three solid days of rain last year in MN was unusual, the promise of rain at Rathbun in June was becoming more consistent.  August is out for MN, and June has rain/storm issues.  Summers are short, and most folks do something on the fourth, but last year it was the only weekend open for Tim/Christine.  We could go back to June and brave the weather, nothing cast in stone on this deal.


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