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We had some discussion recently about a lake Rathbun meet being moved back and held 2nd weekend in June.  Considering the 7th through Sunday the 10th of June.  Any interest?

I like June, but would be more in favor of the weekend of the 23rd or maybe the 16th figure the later it is the better the weather could be.
But would be more interested in seeing a larger group there so whatever works for the most people

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Well, the 23-24th weekend could work for us, but we thought that weekend was too close to July 4th for  others to make it.  The 16-17th is a 3rd weekend of the month and Tim camps with a camping group every third weekend.  I'd like to see a larger group as well, but I have not heard from anyone else.  Very preliminary work right now, just seeing who is interested in going. 

Barring any major complications we would make it to any of those weekends

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No reason any of the June dates won't work for me.  The MN meet on the other hand...that's a problem.


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