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       Just an advanced FYI to anyone interested.   June 17th thru Father's day June 20th will be the timeframe for Rathbun 2021.   I will call the Marina tomorrow and see if anything new has developed since last year.   

Take a look at previous outings threads here ...

It's always been a great time.   More to come.

At the Rathbun Lake meet what campground does everyone use? And can you reserve a site?

Pretty much all the info is contained in the past years threads.  We generally get a rv spot and slip at the Marina, since we cannot launch the boat with the RV.   Many camping and some hotel options are available.

As long as the dates are set I did find a camping spot across a small inlet from the marina that I can reserve so I think I will grab it. Fathers day weekend it is very hard to just pull in on a first come basis. Thanks for the info. I will check out previous years.

great, looking forward to seeing ya there.
like Mike said, details here in the 2020 thread
we usually tent camp in an RV spot so we are all together (mostly so we don't have to go anywhere after partying :O
it should be a fun weekend.


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