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Late summer/fall run on the MO!

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     Since Brandon mentioned to be invited to a Nebraska outing, and you guys always are, its just Tim and I have only had the Glastrons out once this year at Rathbun, and of course you were invited.   Now more to the point, we had a run on the river last year, cruised up to Cottonwood had lunch, floated back.   BTW, I will blow tubes up at Cottonwood this time if we need them!   Anyway, wondering what dates folks have available?  Should we do a Saturday or Sunday?   Make it a day trip only?  Overnight it at NP Dodge?   September is beautiful weather around here.   Let me know your thoughts and availability.   

Don't feel bad Mike, Amber and I have not even had Phoenix out yet. Just has not been enough time. 

I will see what things look like after the minnesota trip and throw some dates out. Oh, might be going out with Trent on the Missouri by Nebraska City after Minnesota. I am sure we will figure it out.

Just a reminder to all, we plan to have a late summer/fall run on the Missouri River in similar fashion to last year.    Just a day trip, but if folks from farther away wish to attend your are welcome.   Camping is available, and I have spare bedrooms at the house.  If out of towners are coming, we likely would do a Saturday run.   Really need to set a date.   Please let me know who is interested and what your September weekends have room for a run.  I am open Saturday the 10th and 17th, then open both Sat and Sunday the 24th and 25th.   Run from NP Dodge park/marina to cottonwood(approx. 25 river miles), have lunch, then float back part of the way back to NP Dodge.   Given the current speed is 4-5 mph normally, a float trip can take better than 6 hours, so some folks break off early to head back if needed.   

Thanks all-Plugcheck

I'm interested.  The 10th or 24th work best for me.  We're camping the 17th.

Just a bump, have not heard back from anyone other than Tim.  Trent, Travis/Crystal, Brandon/Amber, anyone else interested?  We made the same run this past Sunday, weather was great, food was good.  Generally a day trip, but camping is available.  Let me know.


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