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Since we talked about doing a calamus meet during the lunch today I thought I would do a little research and  get some feedback.

I checked and all of the powered sites are booked all the way through August. So our only options would either be Hammond bayou,  or valley view flat. These are both park and pick a place to camp. Both have ample space to set up a tent and both allow RVs and campers to be used in the parking lot.
Valley view flat would be the better choice for us in my opinion due to the fact that it has a boat ramp and a bathhouse.

Otherwise Hammond bayou is not bad, it is all the way at the tail Waters of the reservoir and does not have a useable boat ramp. It does have an out house. The nearest ramp is at least 2 miles away.

I have attached a map of the reservoir and campgrounds.
At this point in time I would say either the weekend of July
14th or 28th would be our best choices.
Of course I would like to see this get together last around 2 or three days. So maybe arrive on Thursday or Friday and stay through Sunday.

I can be good for either dates, arrive 12th leave 15th?  Certain we could make at least a Friday to Sunday.  Let us know what you decide and I can put in for Vaca.

Lets set the date for the weekend of the 14th. I will go get pictures of Valley View flat in the next couple of weeks hopefully.

That should work for us.

I'll have to check and see if I have the kids then. But more than likely I'll be there.  8)


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