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2018 Omaha boats sports and travel show.

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February 22nd to 25th 2018  Who wants to go?  Same idea as years past, either eat then show, or show then dinner at Mattress factory.  Sat or Sunday?  What works for those wanting to attend.   Always a good primer to plan summer fun.  I like Sunday show, then dinner afterwards.  Could do Saturday as well.

I believe Saturday the 24th should work for us pending the weather of course.

I'm game. Hopefully nothing comes up

Amber, Hindryk and I will probably be at the show around 5 or 6 pm on the 24th now. The weekends we work got switched at the beginning of the year so it will affect a few things.

Show goes to 9 pm on Saturday, 5 pm on Sunday.  Was hoping to have a bite together at Mattress Factory, but that would be tough to accomplish if you cannot arrive before 6pm.   Not certain what other folks schedules are shaping up to be, Tim, Bob,Trent, Doran?


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