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General Discussion / Re: Timi time
« Last post by Plugcheck on Today at 12:39:11 PM »
     You know, that is plausible explanation of why they ground a bevel all around.   Made the joint fragile, but it got it out the door.    The CVZ is a 79, this Timi is an 85, there are a number of areas that were done on the Timi that indicate some shortcuts were taken.    Thank you for that observation.
General Discussion / Re: Timi time
« Last post by Jason on Today at 12:08:06 PM »
I bet it was a tight fit from the factory and is maybe the reason for the tapered grinding on the rail. Not that it was the correct fix but saved them from scrapping a mold.
General Discussion / Re: Timi time
« Last post by Plugcheck on Today at 11:20:58 AM »
      Well, a shoebox fit it is not, but I attribute most of that from being separated for so long, 2+ years.    I took measurements of the width at 6" intervals and the lengths overall so I had a reference when it came time to replace the stringers, floor, transom, and top reinforcements.  I kept these dimensions, but in the end the bottom relaxed about 3/4" bow to stern.   Or maybe the top shrank 3/8" and the bottom flattened 3/8"?    Most of the fitting work came from having to redo the entire edge, the front nose area on the top was more rounded, the bottom more triangular.   As the trouble areas were dealt with, the fit became easier.   I plan to seal and install the first layer of screws all the way around, let it sit for awhile, then tackle the body work.   There is so much cracking in the top, some areas will need to go all the way down to the fiberglass to determine if even more glass work is required.    Is there a way to insure the new finish wont crack?   I doubt it considering I do plan to use the boat, the beauty of automotive finishes is the ability to repair it.    The CVZ has been re sprayed in areas four times from dock rash, the subwoofer cabinet broke at a corner from flying on the St Croix.    I do appreciate the concern Shawn, but at this point, I need to work it through the issues.   All projects have their setbacks

Now maybe if I knew someone in the automotive industry that could mount the entire boat to a jig and shake the s*** out of it to help relax the fit?.................
General Discussion / Re: Timi time
« Last post by fireman24mn on Today at 10:50:52 AM »
Why was it so hard to get the top deck on? To me it seems like you are just pre loading the hull to cause stress cracks in the future.  When I put the 23 hull back together I did not have much trouble at all. I did not use any straps, come alongs, etc.  I would guess when you glassed in the new supports in the different areas, the top deck or the hull was not supported correctly, therefore deforming the hull shape and causing the fitment issues.

Just my thoughts, but it should essentially go back together just like a shoe box lid. It should be tight and take a little work but having to use mechanical means/ force to pull, push, twist sounds like it could cause issues later on.
General Discussion / Re: T 179 Starflite
« Last post by The Old Guy on Today at 10:40:25 AM »
Hi 75Starflight, Unfortunately I have only just got the boat which is now at my place in FL and I am back in England however as soon as I get back out there in the new year I will check on the front seat fixings and let you know. As for photos, I do have some but as this is the first time I have ever used a blog/notice board I have now idea how to post them. If you wish to send an email address I would be delighted to send some to you. Many thanks for your help.
Vendor and Repair Resources / Re: Glastron/Carlson windshields ...
« Last post by The Old Guy on Today at 10:32:34 AM »
Thank you Jason, they are great people to deal with very helpful.
Vendor and Repair Resources / Re: Glastron/Carlson windshields ...
« Last post by Jason on Today at 07:14:18 AM »
Yes, you can buy it from the link above. Should cost about a dollar for the entire hinge!
General Discussion / Re: Timi time
« Last post by Jason on Today at 07:12:30 AM »
On the CV23 where the bow flexes near the windshield the rub rail kept coming off and the top have of the boat would come loose from the bottom half. It just had screws going into the wood. They were stripped out so I replaced with screws and nyloks and have not had a problem since.
Vendor and Repair Resources / Re: Glastron/Carlson windshields ...
« Last post by The Old Guy on Today at 04:42:15 AM »
Thank you all for your help, I now know what it looks like, does any one know if it or something like it is still available? 
Classified / Wanted to Buy / Re: GCOTD
« Last post by Hyperacme on December 17, 2018, 11:47:32 PM »
Speed boat with 100 horse Merc - $600

Strong motor, boat needs seats and controls for motor. Come get it today. WILL NOT SEPARATE, MUST TAKE BOAT
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