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Classified / Wanted to Buy / Re: GCOTD
« Last post by Hyperacme on February 22, 2018, 11:50:36 PM »
Glastron Speed boat ,  Lacombe, AB  , $3,000.00

The boat is in beautiful condition, other then being a bit dirty. My dad bought this boat for us to use as a family and we never did. It didnít come with a motor. Just been sitting in the shop. He passed away so we need to sell it. It was $10,000 when he bought it.
Classified / Wanted to Buy / Re: 1979 CV27 Project Wanted
« Last post by David CVX-16 on February 22, 2018, 08:33:55 PM »
This one ended up overseas a few years ago.
General Discussion / Re: Alpha 1 Gen 2 rebuild
« Last post by 1973GT150 on February 22, 2018, 06:59:49 PM »
so maybe i can be of some help. i have been a certified mercruiser tech for over 25+years and can tell you this. mercury marine is making it more and more difficult to make rebuilding things affordable. i had a customer last year ask me to repair his shifting issues from past mechanics improperly adjusting his shift cables and causing the clutch dog to wear down the pawls on the gear sets which would cause the shifting to jump out of gear at low speed. i priced out just the foward gear and pinion set for his gen II's this does not include reverse gear because that is how merc sells them and it was $900 by the time i was done putting together a parts list together for just replacing the shift parts and gear sets i was way over $1700. this was not replacing any bearings, shafts or touching the upper or labor to complete the job and i couldnt warranty like mercury could. so i priced out brand new drives and found it to be more cost effective and gave my customer a one year warranty which i think he could extend i forget now. new drive was around $2400 from what i remember. mercury seems to want us to stop being mechanics and be parts changers instead. as far as high performance use not the greatest drive for that. yes i have seen them behind big blocks back in the '80's used on boats that where small and light and they would hold up ok but i also seen the same package used on single engine 268 sea ray and they would grenade due to the larger prop and boat loads being applied. granted these where alpha one/mr drives and most of the times the vertical driveshaft was the weak link and would snap right where the oring groove is at the top of that shaft. things changed when the bravo drive came out in late '89-'90's hope i was of some help. as far as heat/cryo treating gears i here from the performance guys they tried both and they still break gears. keep in mind all alpha type drives use helical cut gears which are weaker than straight cut like used in all bravo lower gears and only and used in the upper bravo xr drives
General Discussion / Re: Fiji Outboard Repair
« Last post by MikeB on February 22, 2018, 06:08:54 PM »
Had to get away from winter for awhile for some boating.  Did get to cruise in one of these for awhile too (jet boat)

General Discussion / Re: Timi time
« Last post by Plugcheck on February 22, 2018, 04:02:01 PM »
     I have to admit, when I did my CVZ, the belly tank bottom is flat and creates a space(drain channel) below it, so in that case I did leave a drain channel.   Now for the Timi, it is completely closed compartment bow to bulkhead at bilge.  This is the main reason for considering a different build strategy for the Timi.  I also think it will make it quieter and more secure since the foam adds a bit of structural rigidity to the project.
Classified / Wanted to Buy / Re: 1979 CV27 Project Wanted
« Last post by Hyperacme on February 22, 2018, 12:51:37 PM »
The only thing as rare as a CV27 ... Is one in good shape ...

CV27 Powerboat test ...
Classified / Wanted to Buy / Re: GCOTD
« Last post by Hyperacme on February 22, 2018, 12:24:37 PM »
Carlson CSS-18 - $9800 (Edisto Island)

1992 Glastron Carlson css-18, with a 1992 2.5L/200 HP Merc. 145lbs compression on all 6 cyclinders. Run on 93 octane gas and is oil injected. Less than 250 hrs.
Top speed is apx 62 MPH.
I am the second owner and bought it in 2005 in York, S.C. (fresh water boat).
A total of 7 css-18's were built in 1992 so this is a rare boat!
I have all ll receipts since purchase in 2005.
Speedo, Tach, Trim guage, Water Pressure guage
Sea Star Pro Hydraulic Steering
Schmitt Stainless steering wheel with control knob
10" CMC Jackplate
40 Amp Dual Battery Charging system with battery switch (Perko Switch)
High Power Sound System with mids, tweets, and sub: Kenwood, Alpine, MTX, Pioneer (not currently working)
Full custom cover
Performance mods include: Jay Smith Heads cut to 34-35 CC, fiberglass reeds, Removed exhaust can, Solid motor mounts
Recent additions: New Tilt and Trim Pump, Tilt and Trim switch, and thermostats, Speedometer pick up, Drive shaft seals and water pump base, new gear oil, and depth sounder and transducer
Needs: new water pump
Includes: Bimini Top, Mercury Marine 23 pitch Tempest Plus Prop, Mercury Chopper 14 x 22p Prop and some misc odds and ends.
Boat sits on a like new torsion axle alum Loadmaster trailer. Titles in hand free and clear on all (boat, motor and trailer)

Also interested in trades! muscle car, ford falcon, import sport cars, hot rods, rat rods, etc...
Classified / Wanted to Buy / Re: GCOTD
« Last post by Hyperacme on February 22, 2018, 11:41:01 AM »
2 classic boats ----- projects------ have titles - $3950 (Oklahoma City

1st 1 Glastron C535 -- 2nd 1 Glasrton CV 16 ---$ 3,950 for both - or. $ 2,500 each ----- email
General Discussion / Re: SSV-151 OMC Control box
« Last post by Capt SkUnK on February 22, 2018, 10:54:57 AM »
OMC Johnson Evinrude Control Box Rebuild and Throttle and Shift Cable replacement V4

eBay seems to have boxes and parts ...

Pretty sure your motor would need the "Red Plug" connecter and T&T in the handle, if you get new / used box.
Thanks for the links Hyperacme.  Much appreciated.  I've watched that video a few times while taking my remote control apart.

Well I took a dive into the Remote Control Unit.  Tore it all apart, cleaned and inspected all the parts.    The Control Box had a few worn parts.

-Shift Lock out cam (appears to be bent wasn't sure if it was manufactured like this or it suffered some damage so I went ahead and ordered a new part anyways)

-Shift Lock out Lever

-Shift Lever

All other parts cleaned up nicely and appear to be in good shape to reuse.

I searched locally for these parts through 3 different Evinrude suppliers, and was absolutely shocked at the prices.  I don't understand the price mark ups I receive here in Canada.  There is a 50%+ mark up on parts here.

Last season I purchased a new coil for $75.00  was quoted  $280 For a new propeller.  Found these for $30 USD/ $207.  These parts alone made my order justifiable.

 Anyhow I placed my order with Marine Engine out of the US and even with conversion, Shipping & Customs fees I'm still saving a lot of cash. 

Anyhow I got all the parts to rebuild the Remote Control unit, do my water pump/Thermostats, 4 new coils and a new propeller. 

Itching to get out in the boat shead and get some wrenches turning as soon as the parts arrive.   So until they arrive decided to   spin some wrenches on my Off Road toy and get her ready for some early spring wheeling we have planned in a few short weeks...  So I embarked on a Dredded heater core replacement.  While it's a lot of tedious work,  I have done a few of these repairs in my time.   Have her all stripped and waiting on the needed part to arrive later this afternoon. 

This is the part I was looking for....  I knew it was burried behind the dash bolted to the fire wall.   I have put about 3 hours into getting to this step. The worst part was disconnecting all the wire harnesses attached to the dash and steering wheel.  How I hate those connections..... Have another hour worth of work to split the HVAC box and change out the parts needed.  Then another 3 hours of putting it all back together.  Will be nice to have some heat this year for some spring wheeling.

So I've got my bolt spinning fix while I wait on the boat parts to arrive hopefully early next week!

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General Discussion / Re: Timi time
« Last post by Scott in nh on February 22, 2018, 10:09:16 AM »
I had seen fireman24mn's method before and using it I filled the two areas outside of the stringers, and the area froward of the front bulkhead, with as much foam as possible before installing the floor.
Because the center remains open for the fuel tank, the flooring sections are smaller and more manageable on a CVZ. This allowed me to pour the final layer of foam and then quickly glue and screw the floor down. This way no holes/plugs were needed.

Chippy, the way you did it is great and likely superior to wood!
I would just say that factories building family pleasure boats, like G/C and Four Winns, spent zero effort keeping water out in the first place or sealing wood fully against water migration, and little to no effort properly locating the drains so that the compartments completely drain. That is why they rot regardless whether the foam is holding water or not.
I am extremely confident there will be no way for water to get to my stringers, transom or where I foamed, and my repairs will certainly outlive me.
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