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Greetings from Finland

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Hello all and greetings from Finland !

Bought my very first motor boat about a month ago - a Jurmo Trimaran from 1971.

Since the boat has - a rather rare thing over here - a cathedral hull and the Finnish manufacturer Tradex had close relations to Glastron at the time I thought I register and join you.

Production started in 1971 as "Tradex Trimaran" with both a HT and a BR version on sale. Even the Finnish president back then, Urho Kekkonen, had a BR to boat guests around his summer residence. Tradex manufactured 15 and 16 foot Glastron boats over here under license at the turn of the -60's to the -70's, haven't been able to find out which models they were..... and discussed the possibilities to produce the Swinger too, but the license costs became too much.

Anyway, I believe my boat was sold in 1971 with a Chrysler 70 hp OB, but never got registered. The last time before first registration in 2018 the hull touched water was early -80's and boat was stored until the owner passed away. At the time it had a 115 V4 2 stroke engine, which didn't run. The person from whom I bought it from swapped the engine to a 80hp four stroke Efi Mercury from 2008, which is quite heavy for the boat, I believe.

But since the boat has not been used much at all during it's life of 50 years it's in rather good condition, I think.

Many things do need attention, but that's part of the deal. For example, I believe the engine sits too low - the bow is very high prior to planing, the ventilation plate runs well under the water at speed, feather spray from the engine too and the boat porpoises quite annoyingly if not fully trimmed down. Loading the bow with a few sand bags helps the slow running position, but not the porpoising at speed.

Let's discuss those items if some you is interested.

A couple of photos attached  8)

Kindest regards from Finland,


Welcome to the forum Tapani !

There's a short Glastron history here ..

Can you post some pictures of your stern/transom/motor/set up ?


Thanks for the replies and welcome  :D

Unfortunately this the only one I have. The AV plate is right at the level of the "keel".

I have a 9 sec video too, but it's too big a file to post.

A few frames - 20 knots speed.


A few more frames



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