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St. Paul on Saturday


We spent last Saturday hanging out at the bottom of the Ford dam. Softest sand I?ve been on.

I plan to be back out there tomorrow with the cv16ss and the boys. Probably go through lock up to Mpls as well.

I?ll launch in SSP around 11-12.

Maybe I?ll see you on the water!?

Still working on the trailer :-(

That?s a really cool spot down there it?s interesting how much the water level comes up when they drain the lock.

North of the Ford dam is just about the quietest spot on the river, I like that really cool white sand beach on the West.

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The white sand beach is great. Hung out there most of the day. Saw two boats go by within 3 hours. Was a great day with no issues!

Minneapolis ducks sure are the tamest.


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