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78 cv-23 ole blue


After many years of faithful service, its time to return the favor..   44 years old.  still a cool boat! 

23's are nice boats, but a bit more involved in restoration.   Assuming you plan to document the full rebuild, I'd be curious to know the current costs to do so.   Will this be a wood/polyester rebuild or are you planning some composite work?  Any upgrades planned?

I?m thinking if glastron can make this thing last for 40 years with regular wood and glass that?s probably the way I?m going..and that?s what I?ve done on all the other ones I?ve done, as far as upgrading motor and outdrive.. I used all the original parts on the timi I did last year. So I have a parts boat from 1989 with a nice 350 chev and a Alfa 1 outdrive I?m going to use. Nothing fancy.  New paint and interior with some nice air charged pedestals for driver and passenger.  As soon as this heat brakes Im going to try to have it done for next year..

350/Alpha !

Any mods to the transom? 

One of my favorite models.

Just finished a 16' fishing boat and was not impressed with the current plywood options.
Got some stuff from HD ( Brazilian ) that curled one way one day and curled the other way a week later.
Found some older plywood on CL and used as much as I could.

Love the Total Boat Resins.


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