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Requesting shipping help from anyone in New England or New York area

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Hello all, I just secured the CV-21 that was just listed in the GCOTD for sale section. The boat is near Montreal, Canada and I need to get the boat to the US side of the border and someone hold it for me until I can set up shipping to San Diego. I have about a month to get it from the gentleman?s house and across the border. From there I need time to set up shipping. It make take me a couple weeks to list it on like Uship and wait for a good price. If anyone is willing to pick it up and bring it across the border I have no problem paying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Congrats on the new to you cv-21.   A very sought after craft   .    Montreal to San Diego wow, doesn't got much farther away does it.   I drove Omaha to NY to get an Intimidator, but your distance is more than twice that.    Good luck in your arrangements. 

Are you sure you can even get it across the border ?
With the COVID restrictions ..
Arron and Maritan couldn't get one across .. but maybe things have changed.
Just talked to him yesterday about it and he wasn't sure if things are better.
Hope I'm wrong ..

Maybe John will see this and respond

That would be great to know because I would hate for that to happen.

I'm not sure who to contact .. Maybe customs or border people to see what documents, papers, etc. you will need.
Maybe it's as easy as driving across .. Maybe not.
Best to know your options before hand.
In Mn. you need a title for newer boat over 16 ft. ( I think ) .. might want to check with your local reg. dept. to see what they want/need.


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