Author Topic: 2015 8th Annual Meet - Save the Date!  (Read 5640 times)

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2015 8th Annual Meet - Save the Date!
« on: August 18, 2014, 09:31:12 AM »
The meet will be held from August 13-16th! 

Thursday :
                All Day       Early Bird Arrivals
                6:00PM      Pizza Delivery From Liberty‚Äôs Pizza
                All Day        Arrival & Tent Setup
                10:00AM     Run North through Lock & Dam, Lunch & Hangout at the Cove
                7:00PM       Sunset cruise

                *Supper is on your own
                (Day Tripper Arrival)
                10:30AM  Safety Briefing
                11:15AM  Launch Boats
                11:30AM  Boat Parade & Head to Lake Pepin
                  6:00PM  Supper (On Your Own)
                9:00AM    Sunday Morning Cruise  (Treasure Island Brunch?)
                Camp breakdown & Cleanup  - Please help!

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Re: 2015 8th Annual Meet - Save the Date!
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2015, 08:49:22 AM »
The schedule above is a little of date. Here is the latest.

   All Day     Early Bird Arrivals
     Free travel day on the river Go and Explore!!
   6pm        Pizza from Island Bowl. Group order (pay for your own)

   All Day   Arrival and Tent setup
   10am   Run south threw lock and dam to Redwing, return back threw lock and lunch at the cove.
   6pm    Supper is on your own
   7 pm   Sunset cruise North
   9pm    Campfire

    Day Tripper arrivals
   10 am  Safety meeting then launch boats
   11am  Group Cruise to Kinnickinnic Park north of Prescott Heading back on your own pace.   
                                          Stay between the buoys
                                          Remember the NO Wake just before Prescott until just after the 2 bridges
   6pm   Group Grill (Bring your own share if you like)
   9pm   Campfire

   9 am   Group breakfast at the Casino buffet
   Camp breakdown and Clean up  Please Help
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