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81 Glastron-Carlson C-537 Metric
« on: October 22, 2023, 06:13:22 PM »
Hi. I have a 81 Metric C-537 and I can't find ANY info on it.
I bought it about 6 years ago, and after spending some money and elbow grease to get it running, I bought a Trawler, and the Metric has been sitting under cover and started and fresh fuel every spring., but, only about 6-8 hours total use since I bought it. Always fresh water use in the Texas Panhandle.
As I said, I have never been able to find any production numbers, or, anything else about it.
I used it once last summer for about two hours. It runs fine, no smoke, fresh carb re-build and a aftermarket Marine alternator kit was installed.
It is a blue/teal, with blue original interior. Interior is in pretty good shape, although dated.
I am thinking I will sell it, I have no idea of it's value.
Any suggestions?
I looked all the way through the Classifieds here, and found one nice looking one that sold for 2K??
Is  this a desirable boat?
I was thinking of wet sanding and deep cleaning the boat over this coming winter in my shop, but, I don't want to expend that much effort if the boat is only worth a couple of thousand?
I know this post is all over the place, I am kind of lost as to what I want to do with this boat.
Again, I would really like to know how many of these C-537 Metrics were built, and if it is of any special interest. Thank you.

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Re: 81 Glastron-Carlson C-537 Metric
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2023, 11:38:27 AM »
Hi Bronson .. and welcome to the forum !

Glastron has changed management about four times since your boat was built, and all data has been lost on how many were built after about 1975.
The Glastron Carlson C537 Metric was only built in 1981 & 1982 and looks like blue was 1981 color.
There are one's in rough shape for a few grand and one in great shape for about $15,000.
Price's were high in last two years, but think they are coming down a bit with the bad economy ..
Hard to say worth without pictures, seeing in person and test drive.

Glastron brochures ..

1981 C537

1981 Glastron P.I.G.

1982 C537

1970's Glastron I/O owners manual ..

1980's Glastron I/O owners manual ..


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Re: 81 Glastron-Carlson C-537 Metric
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2023, 02:25:42 PM »
Honestly, the condition of it is really going to dictate the price.  If it has a Mercruiser outdrive, that adds value.  OMC outdrive will detract from its value.  Welcome! 
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