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Dashboard Switches
« on: January 14, 2015, 01:22:46 PM »
Dashboard Switches from Glastronjohn18 ...
Thanks John !

I posted this on the national site but the info is relevant here also.

I'm currently redoing a 1980 CVX 18 and have spent some time looking for original dash board switches. My boat came with Carling "G" series switches which are still available with one minor difference that is not very noticeable when installed.
Here's a picture of a original switch (on the left) and the current replacement (on the right).

AS you can see the original switch has a metal band on the top and edges with metal threads on the mounting stud. The replacement switch is all plastic.
You can get these switches with the metal band but only with the bat style toggle not the paddle style of the original. So we'll go with the paddle style all plastic unit.
The bushing (mounting nut) is smaller on the replacement switch.
In a side by side comparison of both toggles are the same size.
Once installed the only difference is that the black plastic stud is visible inside the mounting nut(bushing) instead of the bare metal stud on the original and, the size (length) of the bushing.(more on this later). I doubt anyone would notice unless you told them.

Here are the part numbers as I ordered them with the short bushing. There is a slight difference than what the catalog shows (catalog page 45, PDF viewer page 47). I believe this was done after my order but I will give the numbers I used for reference.                Length of short bushing is .379in.    Length of long bushing is .465in.
These are "G" series switches.

Horn - 6GA5B-D-2B-B (with short bushing)
Lights - 2GM51-D-2B-B (with short bushing)
Bilge &
Blower - 2GA51-D-2B-B (with short bushing)

Here are the current part numbers as per the online catalog SW-C_05_2013

These part numbers are for the long bushing.
I believe the long bushing would be a close match if not exact to the original .
I will be using these part numbers for future orders.

Horn - (1 needed) 6GA5B-NBL3 (long bushing)

Lights - (1 needed) 2GM51-NBL3 (long bushing)

Bilge & - (2 needed) 2GA51-NBL3 (long bushing)

Here is the link for the catalog. "G" series switches are on page 45 ( PDF viewer page 47 )

Here is the link for Carling.

I bought my switches online.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Dashboard Switches
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