Author Topic: Glastron GT-150/160 and Glastron-Carlson CV-16, CV-21 Bow Medallion Decals  (Read 646 times)

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Christmas Greetings from GT!

We've sold over 100 of our original reproduced Glastron and Carlson variation decals since 2011. One of our decals was used as a replacement on the original James Bond GT-150 on display in London. They are EXACT reproductions with Glastron matched colors, embossed elements and real chrome - not aluminum ink.

As before, for CGOAMN members, Glastron decals are 20% off ($20 total) with free US shipping. Glastron-Carlson decals are 20% off ($24 total) with free US shipping.  Slightly blemmed seconds are $5 and great for pick-up truck windows, etc.

Send your order to Our Glastron Replica decals are also listed on E-Bay under GT 150 Decals at regular prices.

eBay store ...
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Three, 1972 Glastron GT-150s.
One, 1978 Glastron GT-150 (parts)