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During renovation works on my GT-150, discouraged by the inability to acquire many elements and details I have decided to make reproductions of some of the missing parts.
Thus now I am able to offer them to you as well. Maybe they will help you in your efforts to restore a classic boat.

I'm offering to your GT-150:

- stainless steel bow medallion and two stainless steel screw: $67
- Glastron GT round bow decal: $12
- dash panel decal $45 (or with ski locker cover decal $65)
- capacity palte set of aluminium capacity plate, plastic frame, three switches: $65
- steering wheel stainless steal inserts (set of 3 pcs): $25
- steering wheel center alumnium decal with G logo: $10
- side grill decals - set of two: right and left): $20
- side frames and GT-150 decals (set of two plastic frames, two decals and 6 stainless steel screws: $45 (plastic frames and screws only: $35, decals only: $15)
Shipping cost: $6 to $10
Payment: by Paypal

maciej (Poland)

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