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Detroit Lakes Antique & Classic Boat Show June 18
« on: May 26, 2016, 11:49:48 AM »
From Mark C.

June 18 is coming up in just three weeks!
The second annual Detroit Lakes Antique and Classic Boat Show will be Saturday, June 18 from Noon-4 pm.

I hope you’ll join us with a boat or two!

-       It’s a land show
-       Parking lot by Detroit Lakes Holiday Inn
-       Boats from 1991 and earlier welcome
-       No registration fee
-       Advance registration required to know how many boats to plan for
-       Registration fee if you want to sell your boat 
-       Beach tunes from local DJ
-       People’s Choice and Skipper’s Choice Awards
-       Classic Glass Division, too
-       Free to the public
-       More info and registration form next week at

 This will be a fun Father’s Day weekend because the powerboat races are also Saturday and Sunday, June 18-19. Hot laps at Noon, races 1 pm. This 10th annual event is the Jerry Simison Memorial Quake the Lake X Powerboat Races. Jerry was a resident of Detroit Lakes. In his 20 years of racing, he and his crew earned more than 30 national and world championships! His most memorable accomplishment was as the main driver for Roger Penske’s ocean racing team (see attachments) Jerry’s son Todd lives in Detroit Lakes.

With the boat show and races at the same time, the public may enjoy both events with no admission fee.
After the event, there will be a tent with cash bar and meal you may pre-order, as well as presenting of awards.

See You at the Lakes!

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