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1980 CVZ 18 restoration

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Boat purchased 17/08/19 running pretty well still hit 49 at our 3900 elevation, however intermittent cut out going into reverse. Floor all soft. Years of nicks in hull gelcoat. Top not bad will clean up nice with lots of polishing.

Started tear down engine out next week. I don't know if the mount for ski bar was factory or not. The base just lag bolted into stringers with removable bars that went towards transom and bolted to tie down bolts was still very solid.

That's one heavy duty ski bar !
Don't think it came from G/C, Doran would know ...
Little wet sanding, some compound, FI2, wax and she'll be shining like new !
My boat has 40 plus years of nick and gouges in it, but shined up pretty good ...
Your vinyl looks good yet.

Mine didn't come with a ski bar so I'm of no help.  I can tell you that there's hardly any wood where its I don't think its factory.  It would be no different than any other CVZ/ however they did the CVX-18 is how the CVZ would be...sure blocks a lot of the motor!

dorelse:'s a link to my CVZ rebuild...1000 photos to slog through...but there might be some decent reference photos in there.  Mine was in much worse shape than yours.


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