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Just a word about posting in the Jokes & Humor section:

This site is visited by kids of all ages (8-80) and we take pride in the fact that Classic Glastron'ing welcomes the entire family to all its activities, including the online forums.

Here's a little guidance from the Mods & Admins so everyone (young & old, male or female) can read every thread without worry:

Jokes must be clean, good natured and something that everyone can enjoy.  No graphic content (pictures), foul language, jokes that are sexual in nature, etc will be allowed.

The last thing that any of the Mods & Admins want to do is remove/delete threads from the forums and/or hinder the good natured camaraderie that will all share on

SO...Please filter your posts so that the Mods & Admins don't have to!  

Thanks everyone for making the CGOAMN the best public forum on the web!  It's truely our members that make this group the calibur that it is!


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