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Aluminum trailer Model C-23 looking for the step pad extrusions.


  We are trying to restore a tandem aluminum trailer for a glastron scinitar, the step pads are extruded and we have not been able to source these. Any help or pointing us in the possible direction would be appreciated.

Not sure .. but might be able to find a bad one and parts it out.
CV23 I/O and jets used same trailer.
C-23 & SCT-23

The original extrusions would have to be in good shape for reuse as they are difficult or impossible to tig weld.   All the connections are buck riveted, not welded for that reason.    Depends on the level of restoration, Joe's suggestion would be best for a concourse level resto.   Otherwise I'd look into an alternate extrusion or build ones from 6061 or equivalent.


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