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SOLD 1982 Glastron Carlson INTIMIDATOR " Persian Orange " color SOLD

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No problem .. Happy to help ..
Spring's coming up fast !

Intimidator girl:

Was it sold to some one we know ?

Intimidator girl:
Good morning sir, this is Pete, the other half owner of the intimidator. No I do not believe it?s any of the members. This person is from out of state and may be doing a partial 1979 CVX 20 jet trade. Pretty much original boat and my intention is to keep it as pure and original as possible. I know we?ve met at a couple of meets on the St Croix river a few years back you may or may not remember me? Anyway, I know nothing about the Old jet boats and I don?t work on them ( probably have no business owning one, lol ) but I love the old Glastrons and grew up around them so here I am. I?m wondering if you know of any places that work on these old boats and that do QUALITY WORK? You know it?s going to need some care as they all do. Any advice, tips, or information regarding this would help greatly!
Thank you and I hope you can help.

Hi Pete ..
I remember ya .. You had a red SL70 at the Hanney's boat show back in 2016 .. LOL
I had a yellow one when I was young .. many many many years ago   ::)

You could try ..

Shipwreck Boat Works
695 Kelly Ave
Dresser, WI 54009
(715) 755-2828


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